My knitting journey so far…

Ok, here it goes.. my first post! My knitting journey started about 20 years ago when my grandma, who was a great knitter, tried to teach me how to knit. She was a regular knitter and I still treasure a photo of me and my 3 sisters with our knitted men that she had made for us. I have a distant memory of choosing a yarn from her large collection and then using a pair of child size pink needles to produce a small rectangle. Unfortunately, I never got the ‘bug’ and instead filled my time with other crafts – cross stitch, rug making, candle making, jewellery making, card making to name a few.

Roll on to 2015 and I have given knitting another go (partly due to one of my sisters taking it up). I popped to Hobbycraft one day after work (a common event) and picked myself up a pair of 4mm metal needles, a ball of FairIsle effect yarn and the DK A Little Course in Knitting book. Here are my first two knits- a tablet cover and a phone case (both from the DK book). I made a few mistakes but overall I was quite pleased with them. image

I then wanted to learn how to change colour and so popped back to Hobbycraft where I brought some ‘bright’ coloured yarns and of course a bag full of other knitting accessories. This led to a scarf (DK book) and matching hat.


Next I wanted to attempt a knitted toy monkey. Again using the DK book (now section 2) and yet another trip to Hobbycraft (yes I know, but it’s so close to work and the only shop that sells wool till 8pm!), I got knitting. He is a little wonky in places but overall I am pleased.

imageFinally I picked up some double pointed needles in a small independent shop (at last I hear you say) and created this small square medallion which I think makes a perfect coaster.


So here I am… HOOKED! I can now k, p, M1, k2tog, k1 s1 psso, kfb and have a growing collection of needles, yarns and other useful bits and pieces. I love my row counter to bits and now scour the shelves of charity shops in search of knitting books. In fact, I came across a bargain the other day – Susie Johns’ Knitted Woodland Creatures for £1. My next project? A toy frog!


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