Knitting to ‘frog’et

What a horrific week! Last weekend we took our dog into the vet hospital (after a week of appointments at our usual vet and one over night stay) as he looked like he was on his last legs. It turned out that he had a bit of fishermen’s net/wire wrapped round the base of his tongue and down into his gut – 4 feet of it! I don’t know what I would do if I came across the idiot who left it lying around in the park đŸ˜¡ Luckily, 2 operations, a lot of medication and a week later (thank goodness we have insurance) he is on the mend and will hopefully be able to come home in a couple more days.

The only positive about the whole event is that I have got a lot of knitting done. I found that concentrating on a pattern and my needles helped me to stop worrying about him. It is just so quiet in the house without him.

I decided to knit my husband a frog as he loves them and there was a pattern for one in my charity shop bargain book: ‘Knitted Woodland Creatures’ by Susie Johns. I had a dark blue/green DK left over from my monkey knit and so bought a lighter green in the same yarn. The pattern is the hardest that I have done so far and I had to learn to turn (and wrap) and pick up stitches. The shaping of each piece is amazing – although it is hard to see in these photos.


The feet in particular were very fiddly and needed some neatening up before sewing them onto the legs. They are actually light green – not yellow like it seems in the picture!


At one point, whilst knitting the upper body of the frog, I got very stuck! And after spending 1/2 hour on Whatsapp sharing the pattern and photos of the knit so far with my sister, I finally managed to work it out. It turned out that the pattern said to pick up stitches on the cast on edge not the cast off edge as I had initially thought it said. However, during the process of working this part out, I stumbled upon a list of errors in the book on the publishers page. I can’t believe how many mistakes are in the book – surely people are paid to check books before they are printed! Anyway, in case any of you are using the book, here is a link to the website:

Anyway, here is the finished frog…


…now we we just have to give him a name!


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