Knitting cables – I LEFT the FRONT door open; I’ll be RIGHT BACK!

Luckily my dog is now home and he seems to be on the mend. It’s been a very tiring week – SATs tests with my class during the day and check ups at the vet in the evening. I’m exhausted! However, this week I have managed to learn how to cable knit on a mini project.

After a little searching, I stumbled across a pattern for a cup cozy The pattern says to use 5mm needles and a chunky yarn but the largest needles I currently have are 4mm. I picked up some left over DK yarn from my frog and gave it a go. I found using the cable needle very fiddly at first but as time went on it got easier. As both my needles and yarn were smaller than recommended, the strip came out too thin for a effective cozie and so I decided to adapt the pattern to create a headband. I continued to knit until the strip was about 120 rows in length and cast off. Then I picked up 4 stitches from the centre of the cast off edge and knit in stokinette stitch for approximately 7 inches. Finally I cast off and fixed the end to complete the loop. It’s a little loose (I think 6 inches would have been better) but quite comfortable to wear.


Tomorrow I might crack out the double pointed needles for another coaster – perhaps an octagon this time. Then on Monday, I’m taking the kids on camp and so I don’t want to start a big project – not sure how I’m going to manage a whole week without picking up my needles! Fingers crossed that next week flies past (without too much rain) as the following week is half term and I plan to spend most of it either knitting or stocking up on yarn and accessories!!!


2 thoughts on “Knitting cables – I LEFT the FRONT door open; I’ll be RIGHT BACK!

  1. kydel

    I have just seen this after your comment on my blog. How awesome! What a great idea when you don’t have the corrects materials for the cup cosy. This is really lovely and I’m glad you were able to learn and do very well at cables! Have you managed the cup cosy yet? 😀
    Kelly x


  2. mrsknitandpurl Post author

    No I haven’t got round to the cup cozie yet as I’ve been too busy trying out new skills and other projects. But I have it in my mind that it would make a great little Xmas gift for some of my work colleagues.



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