Sneaky Sunday knitting

The panic of not knitting for a whole week has hit me. So I have whipped out the double pointed needles and created a couple of coasters.

First I followed the pattern for an octagon shape using 5 dpns (from the DK ‘A little course in Knitting’ book), using some fair isle effect DK that I had left over from previous projects. However, I think I must have cast off too tightly as the finished product is as round as a button. Note to self: cast off loosely next time.


Then I used some Left over aqua DK yarn and 4 dpns to produce a hexagon shaped coaster with a pattern of holes from ywfd stitches (also from the DK book). I cast off a little looser this time and so it has more shape. Although I think my cast off edge is still too tight!


I’m now scouring the web for new yarns – so many options! I need to decide what to cast on when I get back from camp. Keep your fingers crossed for me – rain, tents and children do not mix well!


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