Twit Twoo!

Well it’s been less than a week since I got home from camp and as it is half term I have been going knitting mad! The owl toy pattern in the Susie Johns ‘Knitted Woodland Creatures’ book kept jumping out at me so on Saturday morning I went straight to a shop to get some yarn. I made a few slight colour changes from what was suggested in the book and was struggling to get a good orange yarn for the beak and feet without spending a fortune! Then a great idea hit me – tapestry wool!! I managed to get 10m of the exact colour I wanted for 50p – absolutely perfect for these small body parts. With a quick check of the manufacturers website for errata (there was one), I cast on. Both the body and the head were knitted on 3.25mm double pointed needles and the rest I knitted on straights. imageI found an additional error in the ear tuffs where a K1 had been left out but apart from that all went well. My final challenge was locating some safety eyes – nowhere in Bristol seemed to stock them. However, I found a website (Craftbits) who delivered within a couple of days. In order to make the postage costs worthwhile, I also ordered some eyes ready to make the hedgehog and the bear from the same book. Making up the final toy was quick and easy. I am over the moon with the final product – he even stands independently! image Now my husband has another naming task to complete…

After a good hour in my new favourite shop – Get Knitted – I’ve decided to take a little break from knitting toys and attempt some clothes: a pair of socks and a lacework jumper with some stunning Juniper Moon Farm yarn! image


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