One project down… but of course many more to go!

Finally I have finished one of my projects…


This was my first attempt at creating a pair of something. If you have read my previous posts, you will have seen my matching purple, pink and gold striped hat and scarf. Well, I had loads of yarn left over from those projects and so decided to make a pair of mittens to complete the set. I am usually a ‘gloves girl’ but I figured that mittens would have more impact (and would be easier!) So in May I cast on! Yes I know – mittens and summer don’t mix but I wanted to finish the set so I could use any left over yarn in my crochet granny squares and make room for some new stuff!

I followed a Red Heart pattern but adapted the stripe pattern to match that on the hat and scarf. This meant a lot of scribbling on the pattern so that both mittens matched! The thumb section was the part that worried me the most, but I needn’t have worried as it was dead easy!


They have turned out fairly well. In my opinion the top of the hand section is a little too pointy! However, once the mittens are on, they stretch and the pointedness is a little less noticeable. Having successfully knitted a matching pair, I am now much more confident about my socks. Although, that will have to wait as I MUST finish the dog coat birthday present first!


Now I have a completed set – hat, scarf and mittens! It’s a such shame that it is the middle of June and I have to pack them away until the winter – boo!


3 thoughts on “One project down… but of course many more to go!

    1. mrsknitandpurl Post author

      I usually go for natural colours – particularly greens and blues. These bright colours were a suggestion from my husband who thought a bit of colour would make a change! You won’t be able to miss me when I wear them!



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