Slow going socks!

I am knitting my first pair of socks using Angela Wilson’s Alternate Steps pattern. I cast on a couple of months ago and then got distracted by a few other projects (which are now finished). So now I am cracking on with my socks again. I love the colours in the yarn and am pleased with the effect that the pattern produces.


However it is taking ages! I have only just got to the foot. It’s not that the pattern is hard – I know it off by heart now.  It’s not that socks are too tricky – turning the heel was actually a doddle (not sure why people make so much fuss!) So what is it?


I’m using 2.5mm dpns and the yarn is fine, but having seen other bloggers turning out pairs of socks like there is no tomorrow, I am eager to know what I’m missing. How long do socks usually take to knit? Any top tips?


2 thoughts on “Slow going socks!

  1. liwella

    They always take me ages, but that’s probably because I pick them up and put them down between other projects. I have a pair that took me a year to make …



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