Single sock conquered!

I posted on Friday about my slow progress in my first attempt at knitting socks. However, after being spurred on by your likes and comments, I spent most of yesterday knitting and finally finished my first sock. I love it and best of all… it fits like a glove!


Now I’m eager to cast on the second. I’ve just had a look at the second ball of yarn and the colour starts in a different place – should I knit it so that it definitely does not match or should I wind through the yarn to find the same place that the other started? I had loads left over from the first ball and so this is definitely an option! Opinions welcomed…



4 thoughts on “Single sock conquered!

  1. soknitsome

    I like non-matching matching socks so I’d just start the second one! I have even started one from the other end of the yarn before – so the stripe order is reversed. If you think it will bother you or you’d feel funny going out in non-identical socks, then make them the same. You want to enjoy wearing them when they’re done. 🙂



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