Handle dilemma

Having only made granny squares before, I was pleased with my birthday present from my mum – a Hoooked zpagetti bag kit. I’ve been knitting my lovely Juniper Moon yarn jumper recently and needed a little gap project to give me a rest from it before I got too bored. This was perfect. So after a bit of YouTube video watching to support the instructions, I got going.


As it is chunky and made with a 12mm hook, the bag grew very quickly…


I went a little off piste when making it into the bag as what it said in the instructions just didn’t look right so I did it my own way. My mum (knowing my favourite colour) had kindly added a small ball of turquoise zpagetti to the pack and so, again after a bit of YouTube watching, I made a flower!


All that was a few days ago and the bag has been sitting in the corner of the room awaiting handles. The kit came with a pair of wood effect plastic handles and I have attached and unattached them a couple of times but they just don’t look right to me!


I can’t decide whether I am just being fussy or whether I should EITHER buy some different arched/circular handles OR just crochet chain/plait some handles with the leftover zpagetti (there’s quite a lot of it!) What do you think?


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