Monthly Archives: September 2015

Two projects on the go again!

Well, I am still knitting my jumper with my beautiful Juniper Moon yarn. It is looking great but is so slow to grow, especially as I have discovered that the yarn doesn’t travel well. Every time I take it out of the house with me I end up spending half an hour de tangling the fine yarn – no matter how carefully I transport it. So I have decided that it should be a home only project.


That meant that I needed a second project that was a little more travel friendly and grew at a more entertaining pace…

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant (with my first child) I have been desperate to start knitting baby things! I have held off for months as I didn’t want to jinx things by starting too early. However a couple of weeks ago I had my 12 week scan and so far so good. So last weekend I rushed of to Get Knitted to buy a pattern and some yarn. I picked up the Patons Baby Moments book and immediately was drawn to a lovely striped overall. As I obviously don’t know the gender yet (and in fact am not going to find out either), I choose some bright gender neutral colours and rushed home to start. So far I have made one leg and am a few rows into the second. Can’t wait to finish and make a matching hat in the purple that I have used on the cuffs!



Perfect handles found!

I posted a few weeks ago having finished the zpagetti crochet bag kit that my mum bought me. The kit came with a pair of wood effect plastic handles; however they just didn’t seem right. The bag was left in the cupboard handle less and useless. I had actually forgotten all about it when I stumbled on a beautiful pair of natural cord and wood handles in the market. They were perfect! I didn’t think twice, handed over the cash and rushed home to attach them to the bag. And here they are…