…and here is the hat!

As I said in my previous post, I have been sitting around waiting for a hospital appointment and so have been doing loads of knitting. Well I did cast on a matching hat for my baby cardigan. I did a fair amount actually at the hospital while being monitored and waiting to speak to the doctor so it didn’t take long to finish. Unfortunately the ECV was unsuccessful and my baby is still well and truly breech. So I’ve run out of options and am booked in for a c section in only a few days time. I am absolutely gutted as I was strangely looking forward to labour and birth. Feel like I’m being cheated out of the experience. I need to think positively though as I can’t keep crying about it and who knows the baby may turn itself in the next couple of days!

I have a pair of knitted socks in my hospital bag and have just found the left over yarn from them. With a few days to go until my baby appears, I am going to try and knit a pair of baby socks to match mine! Not sure if I’ll have enought time or enough yarn for that matter but it’s worth a shot!


3 thoughts on “…and here is the hat!

  1. chrisknits

    Adorable hat. Prayers for you and the baby. Been there, done that twice, although not due to breech. My 1st had the cord wrapped around her neck twice. So C-section was the best outcome for us. And then her baby sister came 3 years later by C-section and all was well. No trouble bonding with them at all. Just focus on healthy baby and mom!!!


      1. chrisknits

        Too right. I am sure you have heard all kinds of horror stories, which help no one. Just trust your Dr and be positive. And knit when your fears become too large, it will calm you.


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