Yes, you are right… I’ve knitted a boob!

I haven’t done much knitting recently other than the occasional round on my never ending jumper. Life with a toddler (can’t believe she isn’t a baby anymore) is hectic and also for the past couple of months I have been completing an online learning module to become an ABM mother supporter. This means that I am trained to support mothers with breastfeeding and to point them in the right direction if they are struggling with more complex issues. I have really enjoyed the training and am keen to start my breastfeeding counsellor training course next. This will take a couple of years but I am want to learn more so that I can help even more mothers.

Anyway, at the groups I go to, there is often a knitted boob or two hanging around for demonstration purposes. I figured that making my own would be a quick project that would provide a useful resource and also use up some yarn from previous projects.

The knit itself only took a week or so and I’m quite pleased with the result. The colours work reasonably well considering I just grabbed some yarn from my scrap bag. Here is the link to the pattern just in case you want your own knitted boob! I can’t wait to take my knitted boob to the ABM conference in London in a couple of weeks and learn even more about supporting breastfeeding mothers!


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