Originally from Devon, I now live in Bristol with my husband, dog and cat (when he graces us with his presence).  I am a primary school teacher who loves travelling, the outdoors and a range of sports. Despite being an active person, I also love crafts. I share this passion with my mum and sisters – we are constantly sending pics of our most recent projects to each other and we enjoying spending hours visiting craft shops.

My new love is knitting! I find that it helps me to relax and switch off from the pressures of work and everyday life. I’m the sort of person who can’t just sit and do nothing and so I find knitting a great hobby as I can do it while curled up in front of the TV with my man and my dog. However, I think my husband has heard enough about knitting already so I thought a blog would be a good way of sharing my knitting stories without driving him up the wall!


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