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Baby ballerina!

I’ve finished another project. This is good as I have 2 baby wizard cloaks to make (don’t ask) and am returning to work in a couple of weeks (albeit on a part time basis). I’m sure my knitting rate is going to slow down now.

I picked up a pattern for a baby ballerina cardigan and some Sirdar Snuggly Crofter img_4930Fair Isle effect DK yarn (Shade 0177) a few weeks ago. The pattern is great as it goes up to 7 yrs old. I was undecided what size to do for my daughter as, although when I cast on she was 10 months old, she is still in 3-6 month clothes. In the end I choose the 6-12 month size and then reaslised I better crack on with it before she grows too big. For the first time in my life I circled the numbers for that size (previously I’ve always made the smallest size) but even with the circling I almost forgot a few times! I decided to make the sleeves slightly longer as she had fairly long arms. Amazingly the sleeves match – this was pure luck as the second sleeve was with a brand new ball of yarn and I literally just started from the end. It’s strange how these things happen sometimes.

img_4928I finally finished yesterday and spent most the evening sewing it together, adding the popper and the ribbons. I haven’t blocked it or even ironed it yet as I was desperate for my daughter to wear it today. It’s a little short in the body (although I think this is partly the design) but other than that I’m quite pleased. It got a few compliments at baby group this morning. What do you think?

I’m not sure what to knit next. I still have an adult jumper on the go so perhaps I should focus on that. I also have loads of random baby DK yarn in my cupboard. I don’t want to make a blanket -any other suggestions on what to do with it?


Baby Cardigan

I’ve had a rubbish few days sitting at home waiting for a hospital appointment to try and turn my breech baby but so far with no luck. They keep ringing me up and postponing to the following day as apparently they are very very busy. However, it has meant that I have had lads of time to knit and have managed to finish my baby cardigan at last! It took a lot of sewing together as the cable border and button border and collar were all knitted separately. I popped out this afternoon and chose the buttons with help from the lovely lady at my local knitting shop. If I have enough time tomorrow I might knock out a matching hat!

Life has been so busy recently with work and I’ve been so tired by the evenings, that knitting has been restricted to weekends only. Therefore my striped babygro has taken weeks to finish. It was the first proper garment that I have knitted and so I learnt a few new techniques along the way, including blocking which seemed to work ok.


The collar and cuffs took a while and the sewing up. But now it finished and in my drawer of baby related purchases ready for baby’s arrival in 3 months time. Now I’m going to do a matching hat and booties before I start on a lovely cable knit patterned baby jumper in some Spring coloured yarn that I have bought.


Two projects on the go again!

Well, I am still knitting my jumper with my beautiful Juniper Moon yarn. It is looking great but is so slow to grow, especially as I have discovered that the yarn doesn’t travel well. Every time I take it out of the house with me I end up spending half an hour de tangling the fine yarn – no matter how carefully I transport it. So I have decided that it should be a home only project.


That meant that I needed a second project that was a little more travel friendly and grew at a more entertaining pace…

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant (with my first child) I have been desperate to start knitting baby things! I have held off for months as I didn’t want to jinx things by starting too early. However a couple of weeks ago I had my 12 week scan and so far so good. So last weekend I rushed of to Get Knitted to buy a pattern and some yarn. I picked up the Patons Baby Moments book and immediately was drawn to a lovely striped overall. As I obviously don’t know the gender yet (and in fact am not going to find out either), I choose some bright gender neutral colours and rushed home to start. So far I have made one leg and am a few rows into the second. Can’t wait to finish and make a matching hat in the purple that I have used on the cuffs!