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Yes, you are right… I’ve knitted a boob!

I haven’t done much knitting recently other than the occasional round on my never ending jumper. Life with a toddler (can’t believe she isn’t a baby anymore) is hectic and also for the past couple of months I have been completing an online learning module to become an ABM mother supporter. This means that I am trained to support mothers with breastfeeding and to point them in the right direction if they are struggling with more complex issues. I have really enjoyed the training and am keen to start my breastfeeding counsellor training course next. This will take a couple of years but I am want to learn more so that I can help even more mothers.

Anyway, at the groups I go to, there is often a knitted boob or two hanging around for demonstration purposes. I figured that making my own would be a quick project that would provide a useful resource and also use up some yarn from previous projects.

The knit itself only took a week or so and I’m quite pleased with the result. The colours work reasonably well considering I just grabbed some yarn from my scrap bag. Here is the link to the pattern just in case you want your own knitted boob! I can’t wait to take my knitted boob to the ABM conference in London in a couple of weeks and learn even more about supporting breastfeeding mothers!


Must… stop… knitting!

Right. This must be my final project before I have my baby. Only have a day left and have a long list of jobs around the house that need to be done. I managed to buy dog food and defrost the freezer today, but apart from that I have just been knitting! So here is my final completed project before I become a mummy… a pair of baby socks. They were so quick and easy to knit and amazingly I managed to get them both matching exactly (more luck than judgement). And the best thing? They match my socks as I used the left over yarn from the socks I made last year. I feel a good photo opportunity coming on. Although I will feel a little guilty if baby is a boy as they are a little pink!


Sock success!

After weeks and weeks I have finally finished my first pair of socks!


I followed suggestions on here to match them and have been fairly successful – I was a row or two out on the second sock and so although the majority of the sock matches the first one, the heel and the toe are a little out. Despite being quite OCD about this kind of thing, I quite like it as at least it proves that they are homemade!


I think I might leave sock knitting for a while now. Next I have a crochet bag kit that my mum bought me for my birthday and I need to tackle my first jumper with my gorgeous Juniper Moon yarn.

Single sock conquered!

I posted on Friday about my slow progress in my first attempt at knitting socks. However, after being spurred on by your likes and comments, I spent most of yesterday knitting and finally finished my first sock. I love it and best of all… it fits like a glove!


Now I’m eager to cast on the second. I’ve just had a look at the second ball of yarn and the colour starts in a different place – should I knit it so that it definitely does not match or should I wind through the yarn to find the same place that the other started? I had loads left over from the first ball and so this is definitely an option! Opinions welcomed…


Slow going socks!

I am knitting my first pair of socks using Angela Wilson’s Alternate Steps pattern. I cast on a couple of months ago and then got distracted by a few other projects (which are now finished). So now I am cracking on with my socks again. I love the colours in the yarn and am pleased with the effect that the pattern produces.


However it is taking ages! I have only just got to the foot. It’s not that the pattern is hard – I know it off by heart now.  It’s not that socks are too tricky – turning the heel was actually a doddle (not sure why people make so much fuss!) So what is it?


I’m using 2.5mm dpns and the yarn is fine, but having seen other bloggers turning out pairs of socks like there is no tomorrow, I am eager to know what I’m missing. How long do socks usually take to knit? Any top tips?

One project down… but of course many more to go!

Finally I have finished one of my projects…


This was my first attempt at creating a pair of something. If you have read my previous posts, you will have seen my matching purple, pink and gold striped hat and scarf. Well, I had loads of yarn left over from those projects and so decided to make a pair of mittens to complete the set. I am usually a ‘gloves girl’ but I figured that mittens would have more impact (and would be easier!) So in May I cast on! Yes I know – mittens and summer don’t mix but I wanted to finish the set so I could use any left over yarn in my crochet granny squares and make room for some new stuff!

I followed a Red Heart pattern but adapted the stripe pattern to match that on the hat and scarf. This meant a lot of scribbling on the pattern so that both mittens matched! The thumb section was the part that worried me the most, but I needn’t have worried as it was dead easy!


They have turned out fairly well. In my opinion the top of the hand section is a little too pointy! However, once the mittens are on, they stretch and the pointedness is a little less noticeable. Having successfully knitted a matching pair, I am now much more confident about my socks. Although, that will have to wait as I MUST finish the dog coat birthday present first!


Now I have a completed set – hat, scarf and mittens! It’s a such shame that it is the middle of June and I have to pack them away until the winter – boo!


Oh dear! Without really realising it, I have 3 projects on the go and the yarn for another that I am desperate to start. Note to self: must buy more row counters.

First of all, last week, I cast on some purple DK onto double pointed needles. I found a pattern for basic mittens (in June I know!) and decided to make a pair that matched my stripy purple, gold and pink hat and scarf. I managed to complete the ribbed cuff in an evening but could no further as the rest needed slightly bigger needles.


So until I could get to the shop, I filled the time by casting on my Regia sock yarn onto another set of dpns. I chose a pattern which has a yf, sl2 pattern (Alternate steps by Angela Wilson). So far it’s looking fab.



… my mum came up to visit this weekend and I took her on a tour of my favourite craft shops. We spent almost an hour in Get Knitted! My mum picked out some yarn and bought herself a crochet hook set; I taught her how to create a simple granny square and now she is on her way to making a blanket. Anyway, while we were out we went to a charity bookshop (straight to the craft section of course) and I picked up a knitting book. Despite the boring cover, inside there are some colourful and varied patterns. One of the first patterns caught my eye – a lace knit dog coat – perfect as a birthday present for my sister (and her Shih tzu). So onto the needles went yet more yarn.


Therefore the rush is on to complete the dog coat in time, but I am also itching to finish my other projects and to get onto my Juniper Moon jumper. Hopefully when I next post, I will have at least one completed project!