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Mini crochet project

We had a family outing to the zoo the other day as we were given an annual pass for Christmas. Unfortunately when we arrived home I realised that I didn’t have my knitted phone case. I searched everywhere but with no luck. I was gutted as that was the first thing I knitted.

I decided that I should make another one. We had a short break at my mums for new year and I stupidly forgot to take anything with me to do. My mum was doing a bit of crochet so I flicked through her DK book and there it was … a pattern for a phone cover just like my old knitted one but in crochet form. So I raided her craft room and found some yarn and a 4mm hook. Having only done granny squares and one little project a while ago, it took a while to get going but after a few dodgy rows I got into the swing of it. It only took a couple of days and when I got home I dug out a bright button to finish it off.

I think I prefer knitting but now feel a little more confident to attempt a few crochet patterns. Any suggestions on what I should attempt next?


Bright Baby Blanket

I have been slowly making granny squares ever since my colleague taught me back in June while we were at camp with Year 6. Every now and then I pick a few colours from my ever increasing bag of left over yarn and knock out a granny square. I realised the other day that I had 12 squares in total which would be perfect for a little blanket for my baby who is due next month.

So I popped out and bought some navy blue DK to join it all together. It was quite fiddly to join with this colour as it was difficult to see the chains in the winter light but eventually I managed it. I then, used YouTube to learn how to add a scalloped edge to finish it off. Here is the finished blanket (not yet ironed) – what do you think?



Perfect handles found!

I posted a few weeks ago having finished the zpagetti crochet bag kit that my mum bought me. The kit came with a pair of wood effect plastic handles; however they just didn’t seem right. The bag was left in the cupboard handle less and useless. I had actually forgotten all about it when I stumbled on a beautiful pair of natural cord and wood handles in the market. They were perfect! I didn’t think twice, handed over the cash and rushed home to attach them to the bag. And here they are…


Handle dilemma

Having only made granny squares before, I was pleased with my birthday present from my mum – a Hoooked zpagetti bag kit. I’ve been knitting my lovely Juniper Moon yarn jumper recently and needed a little gap project to give me a rest from it before I got too bored. This was perfect. So after a bit of YouTube video watching to support the instructions, I got going.


As it is chunky and made with a 12mm hook, the bag grew very quickly…


I went a little off piste when making it into the bag as what it said in the instructions just didn’t look right so I did it my own way. My mum (knowing my favourite colour) had kindly added a small ball of turquoise zpagetti to the pack and so, again after a bit of YouTube watching, I made a flower!


All that was a few days ago and the bag has been sitting in the corner of the room awaiting handles. The kit came with a pair of wood effect plastic handles and I have attached and unattached them a couple of times but they just don’t look right to me!


I can’t decide whether I am just being fussy or whether I should EITHER buy some different arched/circular handles OR just crochet chain/plait some handles with the leftover zpagetti (there’s quite a lot of it!) What do you think?

Crochet at Camp

Well, I am finally back after a wonderful week at camp. The weather started off wet and windy but as the week progressed the sun came out. In fact, some parts of me are a little pink despite wearing factor 50 sun cream! The kids were a delight and I enjoyed a stunning view of the sea practically all day every day.


I wasn’t sure how I would survive a week without knitting, but I needn’t have worried as a colleague brought along some wool and a set of crochet hooks. She taught me (and a few kids) to create chains and then simple granny squares. After a couple of hours in the sun – and one burnt hand later – I was well on my way to creating a colourful granny square.


Here is the finished product with the ends tied in. I think I may create more with left over yarn from knitting to slowly create a blanket. Now that I’ve had a good soak in the bath and put LOADS of washing on, my thoughts are turning to buying yarn tomorrow for my next knitting project…